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Parenting An Athlete

Parenting An AthleteThe role that parents play in the development of their children is crucial, especially when it comes to athletics. While many parents today are aware of the need to provide their child with the best opportunities to succeed and excel in sports, many are completely unaware of the tremendous impact they have on their child’s attitude and self-esteem.

Annette Reiter’s motivational book, Parenting an Athlete, looks at all angles of raising a sports-minded son or daughter, with the goal of guiding parents so that they positively and encouragingly interact—not interfere—with their child athlete. Having lived all sides of the “parenting and sports” issue, Annette writes from an informed perspective of not only a coach dealing with parental roles but also as a proud and frustrated parent on the sidelines.

Listen to Annette Reiter discuss her book with Rick Wolff, talk radio personality from WFAN in New York.

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"As the head women’s basketball coach at Villanova University for the past 33 years, I have experienced the evolution of basketball to its current state. The game has grown tremendously; travel and club teams have become more popular, and scholarships are more available. While this growth has opened new opportunities for athletes, it has also changed the expectations parents have for their children, and for their children’s coaches. In her book “Parenting an Athlete” Annette provides expert insight into a trend that I have watched develop in recent years with much concern: parents becoming over-involved in the athletic development of their children."

-Harry Perretta
  Women’s head basketball coach
  Villanova University

"… I’m a parent; when my kids hurt I hurt, when my kids rejoice I rejoice; it’s a normal “parenting side effect.” The key, however, is not playing the “blame game”; they are accountable for their play, no one else. I will not get trapped by blaming anyone else for how my child plays. Maybe this is my coaching experience talking, but in the end it is just a game, and if they are happy, healthy, having fun … and oh, doing great in school … there are no issues at all. My children’s careers have been filled with adversity, success, disappointment, and joy … sounds a lot like life."

-Marc Balara
  parent, coach

"A must-read for parents, especially those whose student-athlete is approaching high school. Parents need to realize the profound influence they have on their child’s attitude, not only in athletics, but also in life."

-Chris Hill
  Women’s head basketball coach, Moorestown High School
  and former college basketball player

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